About Us

About Us

We Are Leading International Company In The World

Our company has the ability to provide professional services such as design, production, installation and commissioning, and EPC for various bulk material conveying systems, which can be widely used in mining, port, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydraulic and other industry systems; Our Industries belt conveyor solutions can meet the customized and standardized demand of various industries according to requirements of our customer.

Advocating win-win cooperation!

professional services such as design, production, installation and commissioning

Quality Assurance

comprehensive independent R&D capability using advanced CAD system, and established long-term cooperation with many top domestic design institutes

R&D capability

In terms of new products, in addition to the new products designed jointly with the Research Institute , Our company also independently developed various kinds of stacking, loading and unloading, mobile telescopic lifting and other multifunctional integrated conveyors.


Customers worldwide


skilled workers


Successfully Project


Year of experience

The Team

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Conveyor belts CEO

Tony Lau

Founder and Owner

Lily Hu


conveyor belt CFO

Zoe Zhang



Committed To Keep your conveyor business running smoothly

We are here for your request 7*24 hours

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