Conveyor belts serires

Fabric Conveyor Belt

Fabric conveyor belts are also called textile conveyor belts. We are a Fabric conveyor belts supplier in China.We offer EP fabric conveyor belt and nylon fabric conveyor belt in a 3 ply (three fabric sheets) to a 6 ply (six fabric sheets) option.

Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

In underground mining and especially when it comes to coal mining, the solid woven belts are commonly used. We provide PVC solid woven belts and PVG solid woven belts for sale.

Pipe Conveyor Belt

The pipe conveyor belt mainly divided into Steel Cord Type and Fabric Type. We are bulk material pipe conveyor belt supplier, and we are also confident that we can be one of your suppliers.

Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts are perfect to prevent fire risks in transporting inflammable bulk materials, which are prone to be damaged by flame. We can supply quality flame resistant conveyor belt for bulk materials handling.

Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

The corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is mainly used in transporting bulk materials at angle of 0-90°. We are sidewall conveyor belt supplier in china and also a bulk material handling conveyor system solutions supplier. You can contact with us for a quotation.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel cord conveyor belts have proved to be a very reliable and cost-efficient mode of bulk material handling in long distance conveyors. We provide transverse reinforcementand, embedded sensor coil and normal type steel cord belt conveyor belt.

Patterned Conveyor Belt

Patterned conveyor belt is composed of belt carcass and pattern. Pattern shape and height (depth) may be different because of different conveyor material and gradient of conveyor. We can supply diamond, chevron, fishbone, herringbone, v6, U, and v patterned conveyor rubber belt for our customers.

Acid and Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt

Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt is specially designed, which makes it highly resistant from acids and alkali high concentrations of various chemicals. We supply these Acid and alkali chemical resistant conveyor belt.

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

Heat resistant conveyor belt is made of the multi-ply rubber polyester cotton canvas covered with the high temperature or heat resistant resistant rubbers, and it is applicable to conveying of the coke, cement, clinker and hot casting etc.
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